Motoring Tips

Taking the First Ride for that Unforgettable Experience

Let us warn you about your sales consultant who will run you down the bike operations while handing over the keys. Yet, in far too many instances we have seen this done less than adequately. Moreover you will be on the receiving end of sales consultant's personal opinions as in what way the things are supposed to be managed & operated which are not always warranted. Here's the 10-point checklist to ensure everything rides smoothly

Ten Point Check List To Riding your Motorcycle Home
  1. Plan your Route : Plan your ride in advance & keep on with it. Plan this right down to the lanes you'l use & ride in. This is often simple done using Google Maps as in 'street view' mode allows us virtual; experience ! Tip: Ride the maximum amount on straight roads & allow yourself to get adjusted to the motorcycle behaviour with regards to motorcycle power & palance
  2. Avoid Rush Hour: If your motorbike delivery is scheduled on weekday avoid rush hours; schedule the delivery in advance or ofter the rush hour. If on a weekend , typically a Saturday or Sunday morning before eleven is soother on most of the roads
  3. Keep Your Route Simple: Keep your route as easy as possible & ride roads you're aware of. This is often not a time to try shortcuts. Avoid unwanted distractions.
  4. Get to Know all Controls: Familiarize yourself with all the control switches & modes before climbing on to your motorcycle - Turn Indicators(automatic or not), kill switch, security features etc. Tune the mirrors to fit your view accordingly
  5. Check Fuel: Ensure the tank has enough fuel to take you home. Typically the dealership should provide full tank of gas, often this doest not happen.
  6.  Sit on The Motorbike: Now, sit & run-through balancing the motorcycle by lifting the side stand off & vice versa.
  7. Clutch & Brakes: Acquaint yourself with the clutch & brake lever. Feel the pressure needed to apply & release them. Engage the motorbike in first gear ( engine is off) roll it forward by walking it ; gradually release the clutch to feel were the friction zone is & where the power engages.
  8. Practise Using Front & Rear Brakes: Get a sense for the front & rear brakes. Roll your motorbike gently forward & engage the front brake. Similarly do the same with the rear - still without powering on the engine
  9. Ready to Ride;Start the Engine: Its time to get gear up & roll the engine -Ignite the motorbike use your 'pilots' check list acronym the one thats popular is KNIFE - CCS. Kickstand, Neutral, Ignition, Fuel, Emergency kill switch, Clutch, Choke -Start !
  10. Friction Zone: Release the clutch lever gently until you feel that friction zone & the motorbike tries to roll forward.Allow the bike to move forward slightly - find the friction zone & pull the clutch back in. Run-through this a few times until you're confident with it & take your Ride home safe
Amogh DS
Bengaluru, Karnataka, 560010 India