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Mar 06

Tips for Beginner Motorcycle Riders

By admin | Beginners Guide

Sacrificing a car for motorcycle might be intimidating for new riders. Nevertheless the Freedom, Experience & Confidence that comes from riding motorcycle cant be achieved elsewhere. Below are the few quick tips to Beginner Motorcycle Riders.

Right Gear
Always protect yourself by buying the right gear. Whether your Amateur or Pro always wear a certified helmet. Invest in good quality Jackets, Boots & Gloves. These items will protect against road rash in case you have a fall.

Start Small & Comfortable
This goes for both motorcycle and your roads. Make sure the motorcycle you go for fits you. Being a beginner and having a hefty motorcycle may down your confidence level in stop go traffic.

Know Your Riding Level & Avoid Peer Pressure
When you are just beginning to ride, know your riding level. Don’t try to pop wheelies, do tricks, or achieve excessive speed, which can be a recipe for tragedy. When you start riding with a group don’t let them pressure you into pushing your comfort zone limits.Take your time and twist the throttle once your well versed with your motorcycle behavior and experience

Watch for Debris
This is something that new riders neglect. A motorcycle has much less contact to the road than a car, which means that the tires are more prone to lose traction on debris. Always keep an eye out for oil spots, sand, or gravel. The worst place to encounter these items are in a curve when your bike is the most likely to lose traction.

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